Submitted Bachelor Thesis of Oleksandr Ratner


Oleksandr Ratner presents his bachelor thesis on the topic "Browse´n´Play: Spielerisch sicher Surfen im World Wide Web".


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More and more children use the Internet on a daily basis and, just like adults, are exposed to many dangers. While adults are at least partially aware of these dangers, children often have no experience with topics such as phishing or malware. In this work, a simulated browser interface is therefore being developed that will enable children to discover the browser in a secure learning environment. To this end, other approaches such as guides and serious games on the subject of browser security will first be considered in order to gain insights for their own work. The actual browser interface will then be developed. First, the market shares of browsers are examined to determine the most common browsers and then the core elements of these browsers are identified. The browser interface and the so-called "hotspot" technique, which is used to discover the browser, are presented and explained. In the outlook then ideas for learning contents building on it are discussed.