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OpenLAP - Open Learning Analytics Platform

In the last few years, there has been a growing interest in Learning Analytics (LA), in Technology-enhanced Learning (TEL). LA approaches share a movement from data to analysis to action to learning. The TEL landscape is changing. Learning is increasingly taking place in open and networked learning environments, characterized by increasing complexity and fast-paced change. This should be reflected in the conceptualization and development of innovative LA approaches in order to achieve more effective learning experiences. There is a need to provide understanding of how learners learn in these environments and how learners, educators, institutions, and researchers can best support this process.

The focus of this PhD research work is to develop a framework for learning analytics in open and distributed learning environments. It will address the challenges of aggregating and integrating data from multiple and heterogeneous sources to create a useful educational data set. Different learning analytics techniques like statistics, information visualization, data mining and social network analysis will be applied on education data set to extract hidden pattern that reflect the distributed activities of the learner and answer the unique questions of multiple users.

More information can be found on the website for OpenLAP.