Submitted Bachelor Thesis of Sven Schöbel


Sven Schöbel presents his bachelor thesis on the topic "Phishing Academy: Developing an Digital Educational Game on Website-URLs and Phishing".


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The majority of children and adolescents between the ages of ten and eighteen own a digital terminal that can be freely used. At the same time, however, free access to the Internet poses a danger to inexperienced children and young people. Due to a lack of learning opportunities, there is no sensitisation to possible dangers such as phishing. In the context of this Bachelor's thesis, a digital learning game was therefore created in which children and young people at the age of the trial stage of a secondary school are taught sound knowledge of how to set up a website URL and phishing. Based on the technical content and existing learning games, the digital learning game was designed and implemented taking into account different (design) features for computer games. In addition to the technical content, the creation of interactive mediation situations and the integration of the learning game into a story are of particular importance in order to facilitate the personal integration of future users into the learning game. The implementation was implemented with the help of a JavaScripts framework, which already provides comprehensive functions for the creation of browser-based learning games. The implemented learning game can therefore be played on different device classes (laptops, desktop computers and tablets) without restrictions in the browser. Finally, possible extensions for implementation will be presented and implementation possibilities for a later evaluation will be highlighted.