Submitted Bachelor Thesis of Yasmin Döhner


Yasmin Döhner presents her bachelor thesis on the topic "Guideline for learning with devices about devices for different target groups".


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We live in a world that is constantly evolving. In order to follow this change it is necessary that the human being is continuously educated. The technology is an important part of this change and ubiquitous today. For further education there are numerous possibilities. It is different from person to person, which is the most effective. The aim of this work is to create a guideline for the Learning about a device with a device. This guideline divides the learners into four Target groups - schoolchildren, students, professionals and professionals Senior citizens. Through this procedure, the respective requirements can be the learning behaviour should be taken into account.

The guideline is based on a reflection of learning scenarios, learning contents and trends. It is based on the current structure and organisation of teaching and identifies possibilities for to improve them according to the needs of the respective target group. In addition, the topics learning on the device, learning about the device with the device, as well as Learning on Demand.