Submitted Bachelor Thesis of Elena Schmeing


Elena Schmeing presents her bachelor thesis on the topic "InfoSphere Module on the Topic of Data Processing and Privacy for Students in Middle School".


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The design of a module for the InfoSphere of RWTH Aachen University is the aim of this work. As a basis, concepts of data processing, a pupil-friendly tool for processing and the concept of privacy were investigated. Existing teaching drafts and modules of the InfoSphere were also used. For the module to be created, the basic concepts of data analysis are therefore particularly interesting, as are the InfoSphere specific principles that are incorporated into the modules examined. The result is the four and a half hour module Den Datenschnüfflern auf der Spur for the InfoSphere of the RWTH Aachen on data processing and privacy for the intermediate level. In this module the students work on the terms correlation, causality, quality, quantity as well as manual and automated data processing by working with overhead projector slides and researching independently. The limits and possibilities of data processing are considered and exemplary protective measures are applied. The module was tested in a test run and despite some necessary changes, the feedback from the participants was already positive.