Submitted Bachelor Thesis of Fabian Reinartz


Fabian Reinartz presents his bachelor thesis on the topic "Infosphere Module on the Topic of Database for Students in Senior High School".


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At the beginning of the work the underlying motivation is explained. In particular, the omnipresence of databases and the relevance in the core curriculum are considered. This is followed by the theoretical part, in which first the tools which have been selected for the module are described and then the individual topics (databases and SQL) are technically analysed. The core functions of SQL are shown and where they are used within the module. Subsequently, it is briefly described which part of SQL the module does not cover. This is followed by the linking of the learning objectives with the various legal requirements. In particular, the core curriculum, the educational standards of the GI and the requirements of the Central Abitur are dealt with. It is then briefly explained that no previous knowledge is required to attend this module. This is followed by a description of the various drafts that already existed on this topic and were used as the basis for this module. The InfoSphere-Module Class Database shows a certain similarity, but essentially refers to a different topic. Stefan Bartels' teaching design has inspired this module considerably. In the conception of the module it is shown that films are an ideal topic for high school students, as they offer a reference to everyday life as well as to the current world. In addition, this provides an intrinsic motivation, as the pupils want to deal with this topic rather than with the world database or other usual entries. The didactic explanation puts the module to the test according to the criteria of Baumann and Hubwieser. It is shown that the main focus is on Baumann's stabilization and Hubwieser's motivation. The work is concluded with the reflection of the test run, which unfortunately was carried out with only one person and is therefore only conditionally meaningful.