FAIBLE: Didactics of Computer Science in Building Blocks for Teaching


According to the role and importance of computer science for digitization, computer science is increasingly being introduced as a school subject at secondary schools. This requires a great effort in the rapid expansion of capacities for the qualification of computer science teachers. Currently, there is a high demand for open educational resources on didactics of computer science, which form the core of computer science teacher training courses by linking subject-specific and educational science content and promoting competencies to reconstruct subject-specific content didactically and to prepare it for teaching in schools in a way that is tailored to the needs of the target group.

The goal of the project FAIBLE is to provide open teaching/learning resources for scientific computer science didactics that can be integrated at many different universities, that take into account the heterogeneity of computer science teaching programs, and that can be used flexibly in various teaching scenarios with different links to subject-specific prerequisites and at different levels. For the joint project, topics were therefore agreed upon that all participating chairs of the consortium will integrate into their study programs at different points in the curriculum and in different didactic scenarios.

Joint project of the Computing Eductaion chairs from the universities in Aachen, Bonn, Dresden, Duisburg-Essen, Münster, Oldenburg, and Paderborn

Our project Team

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrik Schroeder, Richard Werkes