Submitted Bachelor Thesis of Alexandra Keus


Alexandra Keus presents her bachelor thesis on the topic "Accessible App Development - Comparing Native, Cross-Platform & Web-Apps".


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Based on guidelines for barrier-free web development such as WCAG 2.0, WCAG 2.1 and BITV 2.0, a catalogue of requirements for barrier-free mobile applications was initially developed. The requirements from this catalogue were checked using manual and tool-supported tests for three types of apps. The three app types are a native Android app on the one hand and a web app developed using Cordova and Ionic on the other, as well as the corresponding cross-platform app generated by Cordova. The implementation of these apps was about implementing the developed requirements accordingly. With the help of the tests, these implementations were finally checked to see to what extent they were actually barrier-free or were identified as barrier-free by the tools used. An additional smaller aspect of the work was to check to what extent the apps developed in different ways could be combined with each other. Is it therefore possible to integrate parts of the cross-platform app or web app into the Native Android app or vice versa?