Beginning from 01.01.2019, a further measure was introduced as part of the 2nd funding phase of the QOLB LeBiAC project for the sensitization and qualification of didactics lecturers and their students for open digital learning materials and learning applications (dOER).

I.1c Measure - OER competences in teacher-training

The subproject I.1c aims to sensitize and qualify for open digital learning materials and learning applications (dOER) in all subjects of teacher-training programs at the RWTH Aachen University based on the previous successful BMBF project MINT-L-OER-amt.

In addition to teacher-training students, the sub-project also addresses all lecturers of subject-related didactics and all lecturers of educational science who are to be qualified for the use and for the (further) development of dOER.

By embedding appropriate building blocks in the curricula of didactics and educational courses, all RWTH teacher-training students shall be qualified for dOER. At the beginning of the project, qualification workshops will be held together with the lecturers and students. In the following years, the didactic-lecturers will take over the qualifying and sensitization of the students in their courses.


The results

Within the frame of the project, the following materials (only in German) were produced for the workshops:

The following lectures, workshops and meetings were held:

We plan to hold the following lectures, workshops or sessions:

  • Workshop on "OER in higher education" at the Excellent Academic Teaching "ExAcT" of RWTH Aachen on 28 May 2020

We have participated in the following Workshops/ Events:

We will offer the following consulting hour around the topic OER (creation, use, editing and licensing of materials) for OER interested people and teacher training students in our seminar room in WS 19/20:

  • 28.10.2019 11-12 o'clock
  • 25.11.2019 11-12 o'clock
  • 27.01.2020 11-12 o'clock

Location: IT building E2, 3rd floor (left corridor), room 6308

Project Team

Prof. Dr. Ulrik Schroeder (Projektleitung), Lubna Ali M.Sc. RWTH